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The decision to create a website is an opportunity for you to create an extremely powerful marketing and communications tool capable of delivering your message worldwide. With our experience, we can assure you of a professional and innovative website.

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Renowned for being the best website development company in Nigeria, our web design and development service helps clients grow their businesses online.

We follow a defined process in managing web design projects. The duration of most web design projects is usually between 8 to 12 weeks. Actual duration however depends on the scope of the project.

Our design process is as follows:

1) Your Requirements:

By consultation, we help determine what you are looking for, taking in to consideration current branding, tone, imagery, typography, colours, styles and website needs. It is vital that we gather as much information as possible so that we can create a detailed design brief to follow.

2) Understanding The Brief:

The design brief is one of the most important parts of the design process. This collates all requirements and is the foundation on which your website is designed. The brief lists all your requirements, documents, page structures and details - a valuable reference point for a designer.

3) Concepts:

Once the project team has been briefed, the UI Designer(s) come up with mockup designs of the website – the proposed design a static image format. The project manager confirms that the design meets the client’s functional requirements, and a senior designer then reviews and approves the design. The client has a say in the design of the website, so we send designs to the client for feedback. Once client feedback is received, designs are tweaked if necessary. We continue this process until the client is completely pleased and signs off the designs.

4) Development:

Once the client has signed off all design elements, the developers spring into action, making the designs ‘functional’. At this phase, front-end and back-end development is done, pages are created, and content is uploaded.

5) Quality Assurance & Testing:

After the development phase comes QA and testing phase. The developed website goes through thorough tests including functionality, browser compatibility, speed, and mobile usability tests. The project team makes required modifications, and the website is ready for launch.

6) Launch:

Once all QA tests are passed and website confirmed great by the client, the website is deployed (transferred to the live server), where a final test is done. We also train the client on how to use the website’s content management system.

7) Technical Support & Maintenance:

At Blu Constellation, our focus is on lasting relationships and not just the project. We continue to support clients, providing technical support and ongoing maintenance, after the website has been launched.

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